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Celia Stewart

Fiona Spence

Celia is Alf's younger sister, one of the four girls in the family. In the early years, she was the town's busybody spinster. She was bitter that love has passed her by, and took her bitterness out on the world. A bastion of the local Presbyterian church, Celia was a major ally of Fisher. Despite her gossipping, she does not have a malicious bone in her body.

Her fiance, Les, went to war, and was killed. Since then she has not found anyone. In 1990, she got involved with sponsorship for the Africans and arranged for part of Alf's shop to be set up for the aid. She left the Bay to work in the missionary.

In 2000, Alf heard that Celia was held as a hostage along with the other leaders, while there was a war. Alf rushed to her aid, and managed to free her, but it was a costly business, leaving him out of pocket of $50,000.

Fiona Spence

Fiona Spence was originally well known to viewers for her part as Vera Bennett, who was the hated prison officer in Prisoner. She spent three years there when the series began on television. Afther this, she went on to appear in various TV and theatre roles, including Women of the Sun (SBS), Home (ABC) and Hurly Burly for the MTC.

Fiona did not start her acting career until the age of 27. After leaving school, she did the 'obligatory secretarial course', which took her to Montreal as a hostess for the Australian Pavillion at the Canadian Expo. She spent a year there before heading to London. After returning to Australia, she worked in the travel industry for three years, before departing for London. On her return to Australia, she joined the Independent Theatre School. Fiona has completed an arts degree in English at Monash University.

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