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Donald Fisher

Donald Fisher was one of the original characters along with Alf and Ailsa Stewart and Sally Keating. Fisher's first appearance in the pilot episode made everyone shiver, not only because of his dire look, but his fierce way of treating people. Little Sally nearly started crying when Fisher addressed to her. His biggest wish so far was to see the local delinquent Bobby behind bars. Poor Booby turned out to be his daughter later on but the joy of having a daughter was cruelly destroyed when Adam killed Bobby in a boat accident. It's hard to enumerate all the good and bad deed of  Fisher for he'd been so long on the show, for more than 10 years but one thing's for sure – he always took care about his pupils.

After an ardent affair with Marilyn, they decided to get married in 1995, one of the most lovely marriages ever. Fisher offered fostering weird Casey for some time and then Sam when Pippa went to live with Ian on the Carrington Ranges.

Fisher has also been haunted by the past as the book of his dead son Alan was supposed to become part of Summer Bay high's reading list.

Another shock in early 1997 was to see his long lost mother coming home and then to learn she'd only have some weeks to live. The biggest traumatic experience must have been the loss of the miracle child Byron after Marilyn was told being sterile several times and suffered from the loss of the "first child" Oscar and then had to struggle with post natal depression in early 1999 making her run away from Fisher once more. Fisher's marriage has never been smooth sailing for he's always told that he's too old for Marilyn and that he would repent on it but he always truly loved his wife although one's got the impression that he was more open-minded in the presence of his intermediate housekeeper Ellen Porter.

Fisher left the Bay in October 1999 to join his wife Marilyn who headed for the States in order to save Byron's life.

However, Byron got worse, and Fisher was about to go to the States, when he learned Marilyn was gone: he thought she'd return. He went anyway and came back without her; he later finds a letter from her: she is not coming back. He was devastated to learn she has left him.



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