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Mitch McColl

Mike: Hi, Mitch, how are things?

Mitch: Thanks! I'm pretty good!

Mike: Good at what?

Mitch: Ha, ha.

Mike: Mitch, wasn't that a hurricane bringing heavy floods to Nicaragua in 1998?

Mitch: Nope, that was the most fascinating bloke cheering up sleepy Summer Bay!!

Mike: Nice try.. thus you are rather new to the Bay?

Mitch: Yeah, came here in early July 1999!

Mike: As far as I remember ya first ever appearance here wasn't quite legal and it brought some people into real trouble!!

Mitch: Bah!! Flamin' Alf had to jump off his nutshell boat... gawd this 19th-century boy needed some cool water to calm him down.

Mike: He'll have ya guts for the garters when he finds out.

Mitch: No, really he isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Mike: Ya arrival to the Bay was quite spectacular. You were a stowaway on Travis's boat nevertheless.

Mitch: Dumb as a doornail Trav wasn't able to find me on this tiny boat of his. He'd never prove anything or hold anything against me. Glad that he left. He sucked!!

Mike: But he had his suspicions.

Mitch: Yeah, but did he really think I was that daft to admit this bit of fun!! He always spied on me and bothered me at the Club. Nah, I couldn't imagine him as my foster parent. 

Mike: Oh, bit rude!! Let's talk chicks!! Something going on??

Mitch: Hayley was pretty cool have to confess.

Mike: But Sam got the hots for her. Didn't ya care?

Mitch: Sam was a creep at that time. A tad daft and too incapable to teach Hayley how to surf.

Mike: But you had the heart.

Mitch: Yeah, of course. Sam chickened out!!

Mike: Hayley's was your first shelter over here?

Mitch: Yeah, I lived under her floor heaps before she found out by mistake.

Mike: And your first REAL shower after a long time at Irene's!

Mitch: Donna remind me!! I had to stay there for hours for the others watched a sort of kinky film outside...

Mike: Wouldn't ya have minded Hayley to join ya??

Mitch: Irene would have killed us both. She isn't as gullible as Travis.

Mike: How did ya cope in this loophole??

Mitch: It was like life at a 5 star hotel when Hayley brought this entire gourmet food. Yum yum!!

Mike: Why did ya provoke Sam at all??

Mitch: He was a jerk and time had come for Hayley to find out....

Mike: How did ya intend to earn ya living on long terms??

Mitch: In the first place I reckoned basking would do some good and so I asked Hayley to get hold of one from school.

Mike: But you were caught in the act.

Mitch: Yeah and dragged to school and I had to tell some makeshift story to stinky Flathead...

Mike: I see you'll never make friends down here!!

Mitch: Ha ha!

Mike: Let's have a yarn on Dunc!! You seem to have become close mates.

Mitch: Poor kid tried to windsurf on his own for none find the time to teach him and got his arm hurt!

Mike: Ya but you should loads of capability by talking to him and making jokes.

Mitch: Yeah, he'd all my sympathies for I knew his mum lied in a deeps coma at that very moment.

Mike: What about your mom?

Mitch: She died from cancer...

Mike: And thus you decided to come to the Bay.

Mitch: I didn't decide anything. By the way, why am I not interviewed by a hot chook??

Mike:  Ain't I hot enough? Mitch: Nope!! 

Mike: You moved in the Stewarts??

Mitch: Yeah and Dunc's gratitude was overwhelming... all the food he offered and eventually I was caught by Alf hiding under the table.

Mike: Hadn't he been looking for you for ages anyway??

Mitch: Yeah, but I didn't have the slightest idea why!! I thought he'd like the get back at me because of basking in front of the club!

Mike: Yeah, but wasn't he relieved though!!

Mitch: Yeah, Dunc let him know what I told him on endurance and stand-by as for his mum and Alf thought I'd be sort of big brother for Dunc.

Mike: Why didn't ya stay at Alf's??

Mitch: Ailsa was about to return home and Alf reckoned she wouldn't like to have strangers around!

Mike: Thus he was told to move in at Irene's!!!

Mitch: Good idea. Because of Hayley, I mean.

Mike: Hayley didn't want to hang around with me.

Mitch: Sure?

Mike: Yeah – until Will told me that she had the hots for me. But Gypsy and me were becoming to be an item after being kissed by her at the Nazi farmer's orchard!

Mitch: Wow - you nearly had to leave unpaid!!

Mike: Yeah, but the yakka was more fun, I gather, than anything else .

Mitch: But not for Gypsy!!

Mike: Yeah apart from her kiss.

Mitch: Now Hayley seemed to go for Harry Keller!!

Mike: He's far too mature for her and...lets wait and see..

Mitch: Must go now!

Mike: OK, let's talk again in year 2000.



Michael Bertol

created 13 November 1999

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