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Selina Cook/Roberts



Tempany was born in Melbourne on 2nd March 1978. She grew up living on the outskirts of the city with her parents and her older sister. She is now living in Sydney with relatives.

She became interested in acting when she was 11 and joined a local theatre group. She joined an agency almost straightaway and soon landed her first professional role - a young girl asking the "awkward" questions in a sex education video.

Since then, she has had a guest role on RDFS, a couple of walk-on roles in Neighbours and done some work on corporate and educational videos.

Tempany had just started year 11 when she auditioned for the role of Selina in 1994. She originally planned to complete high school but this was too good an opportunity to pass it up. She has deferred her studies but is determined to do her HSC in the future. Her favourite subjects at school were English and Japanese.

Tempany likes shopping and since moving to Sydney, there have been lots of new shops to investigate. She is also interested in antiques and jewellery.

Tempany enjoys the role of Selina. She says Selina "is rough and tarty but very vulnerable; she is willing to take risks and sometimes that gets her into trouble".

Tempany does look quite different out of character. She says, "When I get home, the first thing I want to do is wash all that grease out of my hair, scrub my face and get rid of the chipped red nail polish. Although, Selina has become better groomed over the past year."

Tempany first appeared on Home and Away in Block 293, to air the week of 9 May 1994.

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