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Sophie Simpson


Sophie arrived in the Bay with her father, Al Simpson. Al was also Bobby's foster parent. He arrived to cause trouble and blackmailed Fisher for a shooting incident years ago in which Fisher thought he was responsible for the death of Matt's brother, Shane.

After her arrival, she looked as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. However, being under the influence of Al, she was becoming a very accomplished con artist and shoplifter; she could still not read or write.

Sophie was abandoned by her mother when she was very young. She had lived in a number of foster homes, none of them which were good. As soon as her father turned up, she was ready and willing to go with him, as she saw life on the road as an exciting prospect.

As soon as they arrived in the Bay, Sophie soon started having doubts about the life they were living. She has finally realised that she was being used by her father and that he only cared about her so that he could get money out of her.

Soon after Al's arrest, Sophie moved into the Fletchers, temporarily initially. Later on, she was living there as a foster child and became firm friends with Sally. She caught up with her education at Summer Bay High and had Grant for her reading and writing lessons.

When Fisher's nephew arrived in the Bay, Sophie fell in love with him. It was met with opposition as soon as all was revealed. She was advised to go with Pippa to stay at Pippa's mother to see about her feelings for David and promised that they would leave her alone if she still loved him after the stay.

During her stay, David was driving when Karen crashed into him. David died and Michael did not tell Pippa anything until she returned. Sophie was enraged when she discovered this and blamed them.

Sophie fell pregnant and Simon lied that he was the father. However, Lucinda was suspicious and realised that the father was actually her brother. Sophie ran away from home and could not be found. 

She gave birth to a baby girl and Pippa helped her with Tamara. Lucinda's mother asked Sophie to live with her with Tamara. After much thought and heart searching, Sophie decided to leave the Bay to start a new life in Perth with David's mother.


Rebekah trained at the Lynda Keane Studios where she studied acting, singing and dancing. She has appeared in numerous roles in various programmes and films such as A Country Practice, Mad Max III, Princess Kate.

Rebekah's role as Sophie has put her on many magazines, mostly the front cover, all over the world. However, she did not believe that she was sexy; she claimed that she was "no more special than anyone else" and that she spent her time "with my family, friends and boyfriend".

Rebekah celebrates her birthday on 23rd January. She has an older brother Peter and three younger ones, Dominic, Tony and Sebastian. Dominic is also an actor, having played a minor character in Home and Away as Stephanie's boyfriend who died. Peter also appeared there, as an extra. Her father is Greek and is a cellist, while her mother is English and a kindergarten teacher.

Since leaving Home and Away, Rebekah has appeared in the Australian film, The Sum of Us and guest starred in A Country Practice as Christine Agapitos. As well as these, she appeared on the stage at the Sydney Opera House in Caravan. One other appearance is also in Pacific Drive, where she played a victim of incest who dices with death when she turns to drugs.

Her aunt is Dame Judi Dench.

While in Home and Away, she was called Logoloo or Blobloo!

Since leaving the set, Rebekah has appeared in the Australian film, The Sum of Us, and also guest starred as Christine Agapitos in A Country Practice.

Rebekah, who also studied dancing and singing, took to the stage at the Sydney Opera House in Caravan.

She appeared in Pacific Drive in 1996, as a victim of incest, who dices with death when she turns to drugs.

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