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Home and Away on UK television


Shown up until episode #707 on Friday 30 March 2001. Two recap episodes shown on Monday 2 April and Tuesday 3 April, and continuing from episode #1921 on Wednesday 4 April 2001. An episode has been shown every weekday since. Times:
April to July 2001 - 5:10pm daily
July to August 2002 5:10pm daily with omnibus Saturdays at 10:30am
August to Autumn 2001 (I didn't make notes of exact dates) 9:30am and 5:10pm daily, with omnibus on Saturday at 10:30am.
Autumn to end December 2001 1:30pm and 1am daily (later changed 5 minutes earlier to 12.55am). Saturday omnibus cancelled some time during this period.
January to (approx) March 2002 daily at 2pm
March (approx) to present daily at 2:30pm

TV You and ITV2

Cancelled end of December 2000 on episode #2063
Returned beginning of March 2001 from episode #2064 for 1 hour (2 episodes) every weekday afternoon around 2pm (ish), cancelled again at the end of May 2001 4 months into the 1997 episodes. ITV's rights to H&A expired on 15 July 2001, the day before Ch 5's rights commenced, no episodes have been shown on ITV 2, TV You or anywhere else on the ITV Network since May 2001.

Living started from episode 188 on 5 April 1999 and is currently showing old episodes from 1997. There are no subtitles for this programme on Living. Language: UK English

Living started showing early episodes from episode #188 on Monday 5 April 1999, and showed an episode every weekday until Friday 30 March 2001. The last episode shown, an early 1991 episode was episode #707, which was the episode that ended with Hayden falling into the trap in the bush. Living said the early 90s episodes weren't getting enough viewers to justify continuing, so decided to skip forward 5 years to 1996 from April 2001.

On Monday 2 April and Tuesday 3 April 2001, 2 specially comissioned special "recap" episodes were shown in the new regular slot of 5:10pm, the only time H&A was shown, the Saturday omnibus was cancelled. The first of the special recap episodes, introduced by Kate Ritchie, concentrated on what happened to the 1991 cast such as Sophie, Blake and Michael, and the second episode concentrated on how the cast of 1996 was introduced, such as Angel, Irene and Selina. The 1996 episodes began from episode #1921 on Wednesday 4 April 2001. This was the first episode with the new revamped credits, originally shown in Australia in May 1996. An episode has been shown every weekday since, so this week's episodes will end on Friday 17 May on episode #2213.

The ITV2 repeats, which also began from episode #1921 a year earlier in May 2000 ran until the end of 2000 on episode #2063 (I'm not 100% sure of the number, it might have been episode #2064, I didn't make any notes because I didn't watch them. I'm 99% certain the last ITV2 ep of 2000 was episode #2063). After a 2 month break they were back on air at the beginning of March 2001, this time 2 episodes back to back every weekday afternoon. This only lasted for 2 months though, at the end of May (so after 4 months of 1997 episodes had been shown) the repeats were again cancelled, but I don't know the episode number of the last episode. ITV's rights to show H&A expired on 15 July 2001 (the day before Ch 5's rights started) so no more H&A has been shown on any ITV channels since May 2001. I expect the repeats were cancelled early in light of the run up to H&A's launch on Ch 5.

I didn't watch the ITV 2 repeats because they were exactly the same consored versions originally shown on ITV1. The hostage episode, episode #1954 was also dropped from the ITV2 repeats in July 2000. I e-mailed ITV a few weeks in advance asking them to show it, but they said they couldn't because their rights to the episode were dropped from the contract in 1996, and they felt it still inappropriate to broadcast.

Living, however, must get their tapes from another source, the episodes are generally shown unedited, and have full closing credits. Episode #1954 was shown in full on Living on Monday 21 May 2001, the first UK transmission. Other key scenes edited from ITV's transmissions including the 1996 cliffhanger Brad/Chloe showdown and many other things that ITV edited from whole scenes to minor language edits have been shown on Living intact. There has been the odd minor edit, about a minute was cut from the episode where Stephanie took drugs at a rave party (ep #2005 I think) the only Living episode to run short, and I've spotted a 2 or 3 other language edits, Brad saying "That little bitch Chloe" in the hospital around episode #2067/68 was cut. But it's great to be able to see 99% of all the scenes ITV cut back then in full!

The 1996 episodes were shown at 5.10pm only from April 2001. In July Living re-instated the Saturday morning omnibusbecause of popular demand. In around August an additional screening at 9.30am was added. Then in the Autumn the weekday times changed to 1.30pm with a repeat overnight at 1am, the Saturday omnibus was cancelled again some time in late 2001, and in January 2002 the overnight screening was also cancelled, and H&A shown only at 2pm. About 2 months ago this changed to 2.30pm.

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